Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Haul - Dainty Braclets!

Hello! :) I thought I would give a break from all the scrapbooking, and if I make it page, it would be for quality, not quanity. So today I thought I'd show you some braclets I have purchaised the last few days and have just received today! 

So here we goooooo! :D 
 Okay so the first pair that arrived today were the two "Friendship Infinity Braclets" They were just under £5 and I bought them off this amazing woman on Ebay (where I bought all the same braclets), as there was free P&P and my mother wanted one as shes a "maths" person, and she saw the infinity in a mathematical way, which was completely the opposite of me and most individuals. So I decided to get them as a pair. I love them! They are so dainty and cute, and easy to put on! :)
 The second one I purchaised were two little bird braclets. These two are a little different as the one with the dark brown coloured strap has a silver bird, and the other has a more goldy coloured bird. I bought these coloured straps as I have a fair and freckled skin tone and the same for my mother, so the browns and tan colours suit me the most. These were around £2.49 each with free P&P.
Okay! So the next two are "peace" braclets! I had a change with one of the straps and bought a blue one, so they would be slightly different along with the next few braclet strap colours I already have. I love how these fit my wrist and stay secure for the time I wear them, and they dont cause any problems when I wear them around! :)
The next one I completely love! This was called "The tree of life" braclet. I wasnt to much of a fan when I was looking at it, but now I have it its beautiful! Its so cute and I love wearing it. Its comfortable and the strap colour suits my skin tone too. I had this one before all the others and I;ve worn it everyday! I love it! :)

I'm going to quickly go through the next four, as there isnt alot of information on all of these. The first is the white feather braclet. This i really dainty and it hangs very well when I wear this!
 These next three are all reglious symbols, and they have either a lilac, turquoise or white strap. I love all of these and they were at a really affordable price! :) I apologise for awful images, my camera sucks!

 I hope you enjoyed this! As I am going to spend most of my time enjoying myself wearing them! If you want to look at others and consider buying any, heres the website! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Hippy-Spirit-Jade/Wish-Bracelets-/_i.html?_fsub=380199519&_sid=1000306879&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322  They are all hand-made and were dleivered to me rather quickly! They are so beautiful! Thank you for reading/viewing! :)

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