Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Haul - Dainty Braclets!

Hello! :) I thought I would give a break from all the scrapbooking, and if I make it page, it would be for quality, not quanity. So today I thought I'd show you some braclets I have purchaised the last few days and have just received today! 

So here we goooooo! :D 
 Okay so the first pair that arrived today were the two "Friendship Infinity Braclets" They were just under £5 and I bought them off this amazing woman on Ebay (where I bought all the same braclets), as there was free P&P and my mother wanted one as shes a "maths" person, and she saw the infinity in a mathematical way, which was completely the opposite of me and most individuals. So I decided to get them as a pair. I love them! They are so dainty and cute, and easy to put on! :)
 The second one I purchaised were two little bird braclets. These two are a little different as the one with the dark brown coloured strap has a silver bird, and the other has a more goldy coloured bird. I bought these coloured straps as I have a fair and freckled skin tone and the same for my mother, so the browns and tan colours suit me the most. These were around £2.49 each with free P&P.
Okay! So the next two are "peace" braclets! I had a change with one of the straps and bought a blue one, so they would be slightly different along with the next few braclet strap colours I already have. I love how these fit my wrist and stay secure for the time I wear them, and they dont cause any problems when I wear them around! :)
The next one I completely love! This was called "The tree of life" braclet. I wasnt to much of a fan when I was looking at it, but now I have it its beautiful! Its so cute and I love wearing it. Its comfortable and the strap colour suits my skin tone too. I had this one before all the others and I;ve worn it everyday! I love it! :)

I'm going to quickly go through the next four, as there isnt alot of information on all of these. The first is the white feather braclet. This i really dainty and it hangs very well when I wear this!
 These next three are all reglious symbols, and they have either a lilac, turquoise or white strap. I love all of these and they were at a really affordable price! :) I apologise for awful images, my camera sucks!

 I hope you enjoyed this! As I am going to spend most of my time enjoying myself wearing them! If you want to look at others and consider buying any, heres the website! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Hippy-Spirit-Jade/Wish-Bracelets-/_i.html?_fsub=380199519&_sid=1000306879&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322  They are all hand-made and were dleivered to me rather quickly! They are so beautiful! Thank you for reading/viewing! :)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Scrap Book, Day One.

So, as I promised myself I am going to do a page of my scrap book, and explain what I have done, what materials I have used, what meaning I have to put certain materials and colours together, and what feelings I personally experianced before doing the page to see if it made any effect of the outcome. I have chosen an A5 cheap sketch-book to use, you can get them most places. I got mine in "The Works" (UK) for only £0.99p. If anyone is thinking about "scrap-booking" - I would highly suggest using a smaller book to start off in rather than using a bigger one as its difficult to fill the full page. Personally, I find the A5 books more effective.


So this is my first page. I took of the front cover as I may make one myself later on for this crap book to look more creative. 

I have made this page more of a "natural" look with all the muted colours and having ripped effect of the materials used so its blends in with the natural theme. This page can also suggest "freedom" with the open lock, the right hand side strip of paper which have ticket like features, the muted colours and the "Free Spirit" rub on transferrer on the crumpled muted dark green think paper. 

So.. This is my first page, the naterials I used for this were:-

- An old book that I was given that I had most of the pages ripped out. It was already age-ing so I didn't put anything to make the paper darker, like tea/coffee or any paint.

-  On top of the ripped pieces of book is a lock that I had for my purse, which broke. I glue gunned this into position and left the top of the lock unlocked as this suggests to me "freedom", and not everything is kept under lock and key. 

- The bottom left side corner is a small amount of material that was the fabric of my old and broken purse, I really love the texture and thought this would also give extra detail to the page, and give the whole page a change of texture, I cut it unevenly to give off more of a natural teared effect.

-  Also underneath the fabric is ripped out and crumpled thick paper in a dark green muted colour, and I have put an embellishment on top saying "Free Spirit" which gives off some detail and gives a meaning to the whole page and its theme of "freedom" and the natural look.
- I used the coloured paper next to the black. But these are the range of colours I have and will be using throughout the pages.

- On the right hand side, I have used the strip of decorated paper (that looks like tickets), and crumpled it to give it texture, and this is on top of the other piece of paper and ripped book. On top of this section, I have also cut out another piece of paper from another decorated sheet, and placed them diagonally  up the ripped piece for give a more messy effect. This small squares also have muted greens and blues which give of a more natural theme, plus I think it looks rather cute. The last piece to complete this is the small piece of light yellow tissue paper on the top right corner.

Overall, I really like this page, although I did it very quickly, I think after I think about why I have put certain materials and pieces there, the page becomes more personal, and therefore becomes more important to me when I look back through this book after I hopefully completed it. I hope you enjoyed my first page, and hopefully the next page will be completed and up tomorrow.